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Urologist and Professor of Surgery at the University of Vienna, specialist in diseases of the urethra, bladder, and prostate.

Otto Zuckerkandl was the head physician at the Rothschild-Spital in Vienna. He was author of Die lokalen Erkrankungen der Harnblase (Vienna, 2/1910), and co-author with Julius Tandler of Studien zur Anatomie und Klinik der Prostatahypertrophie (Berlin: Springer, 1922).

His wife was Amalie, of whom an unfinished portrait by Gustav Klimt dating from 1917/18 exists (now in the Belvedere, Vienna), and also a pencil study for that portrait. The couple divorced in 1919, and Amalie was deported by the Nazis and perished. He was the brother of the famous anatomist and pathologist Emil Zuckerkandl (1849–1910), and of Viktor Zuckerkandl, the industrialist, collector of art and patron of Sezessionist painters, and founder of the Sanatorium Westend in Purkersorf, near Vienna.


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