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Distinguished character actor, who studied in Vienna, worked in Kassel (1879), Berlin (1885-86), and Cologne (1887-), then at the Deutsches Theater (German People's Theater) in Vienna (1889-), becoming its Director in 1902. Adolf Weisse was the father of Hans Weisse.


  • Yates, W E., Theatre in Vienna: A Critical History, 1776-1995 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996), 184


  • Timothy L. Jackson

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  • UG 32/5, [1] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Guido Adler, dated April 21, 1914

    Letter of recommendation for Hans Weisse

  • OJ 15/16, [44] Handwritten letter from Weisse to Schenker, dated August 10, 1920

    Weisse explains that his grandfather's death prevents him from visiting Schenker in Seefeld, but hopes that he might nonetheless visit him elsewhere before the end of the summer holidays.

  • OJ 15/16, [93] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Schenker, dated July 27, 1933

    Weisse thanks Schenker for a copy of an (unidentified) essay; he is preoccupied by news of his father's death, and reports that the year ahead will be a difficult one for America, in spite of the more optimistic mood that has come about since Roosevelt became President. He has completed a Variations and Fugue on a Popular American Song, for two pianos, and is now at work on a new string quartet.

  • OJ 15/16, [94] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Schenker, dated March 15, 1934

    Weisse apologizes for long silence, largely on account of depression at the lack of enrollment at Mannes and of enthusiasm for his recently published Violin Sonata. — At Mannes he lectures about his own work, because it is important to show how Schenkerian theory can have a practical application for composers; his pupil Israel Citkowitz is the only cause for optimism. — At Columbia University, where he "smuggles" Schenkerian theory into his lectures, enrolment continues to be large. — He sends a copy of his Violin Sonata, and promises his Variations on a Popular American Song. — He is not coming to Europe this summer. — Universal Edition is going ahead with a schools' version of Schenker's Harmonielehre, but he is surprised that Alfred Kalmus expects him to be involved in an American edition of this.

  • OJ 15/16, [95] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Schenker, dated September 23, 1934

    Weisse reports a visit from Victor Vaughn Lytle, to whom Schenker had recently written, and the receipt of Oswald Jonas's recent book, on which he comments. The Weisses have spent a lovely summer by the sea, in the midst of unspoiled nature, and he has completed a set of five six-voice madrigals on Goethe texts and a string quartet. He reports and laments his mother’s death.