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Father of Heinrich Schenker.

Johann Schenker was the town doctor in Podhajce (Galicia, now in Ukraine), the regional center in which Wisniowczik, Heinrich's birthplace, and the home of Johann, his wife Julia (née Mosler), and their children, was situated. The couple were married on April 30, 1876. He died at the age of 59.


  • Marko Deisinger

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  • DLA 69.930/2 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated January 17, 1918

    Schenker has received Halm's article about him, and expresses his appreciation. Schenker's mother died in December 1917; he looked after her and his siblings from the time his father died [1887]. Addresses a reservation on Halm's part—speaking to him as "leader to leader"—and confirms his concept of the Volk. Schenker has a plan to put to Halm.

  • OJ 5/7a, [14] (formerly vC 14) Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cube, dated April 29, 1928

    Schenker sympathizes with Cube over the hostilities he faces; contrasts his own theory to the approach of Riemann. Has arranged for Hammer portraits to be sent to Cube [for bookshop exhibits], and directs him to biographical information about himself. Describes the trials of his 20s, which were surpassed by the difficulties he faced later with publishers and organizations. Upholds Joachim and Messchaert as models of performance art, and speaks of his contact with Brahms. Asks whether Cube will be joining him in Galtür in the summer.

  • OJ 6/7, [38] Handwritten letter, with envelope, from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated June 23, 1928

    Schenker thanks Violin for his kind birthday greetings, explaining the discrepant birth dates assigned to him. He reaffirms his spiritual solidarity with his friend. He has read some articles and reviews mentioning his work, at all of which he laughs.