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Son of Emil Kornfeld and Jeanette Kornfeld (later Jeanette Schenker), father of Tomás Kornfeld. Jeanette and Felix met only once after 1910: in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1944, after which Felix died in Auschwitz and Jeanette in Theresienstadt.


One letter from Felix to Jeanette survives as OJ 14/7 (1939). Summer vacation postcards to Felix from Schenker alone, or jointly with Emil, or Jeanette, or Erich, from the Tyrol in the period 1903-10, existed in 1988 in the possession of his son, Tomás Kornfeld; letters also existed at that time from Jeanette to Felix, written on Felix's birthday in 1912 and 1917, at least the first of which went unanswered, and further letters in 1940-41 (OJ 71/21a).


  • Letter from Tomás Kornfeld, June 7, 1988 (OJ 72/21a); family tree attached
  • Private communication from Heribert Esser

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